Bible Study  Course : *Parola di Dio*

      The Bible Apostolate of the Syro Malabar Eparchy of St Thomas the Apostle of Melbourne* in conjunction with *the Pontifical Institute of Theology and Philosophy, Alwaye*,is offering a Bible Study Course.
Here are the specifics:
Course Name: *Parola di Dio*
Bible study is crucial for Christians in today’s world to maintain and strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ.
*Course Details*:
*The course will cover introductions to all 73 books of the Bible over a year.
*There will be two sessions per week at a time that suits most participants
*The course will be delivered in English.
*The course is organized into 7 Blocks.
Participants can either:
* Register and study the entire course, which will be completed in a year
*Register and study only specific blocks of interest.
*Participants who complete the entire course (i.e., all 7 blocks) will receive a Certificate from the Pontifical Institute.

Fr Siby Pulickal


Bible Study Course : *Parola di Dio*
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