Mar Bosco Puthur’s Letter to Children on Grand Parents’ Day

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My dear children in Jesus, 

On Sunday, 26 July,we celebrate the feast of Saints JOACHIM AND ANNE, grandparentsof Jesus. Remember that Saints JOACHIM AND ANNEare role models for grandparents. On this day, let us wish “HAPPY FEAST DAY!” to our grandparents. Each grandparent is unique and irreplaceable.  Join us in celebrating the gift they are in our lives! To our grandparents, let us thank them for the gifts of life and faith they have given us. 

By tradition, Joachim and Anne are considered the parents of Mary, the Mother of God. The oldest story about them is that, after years of childlessness, an angel appeared to tell Anne and Joachim that they would have a child. Anne promised to dedicate this child, Mary, to God.

Mary’s parents nurtured and taught her, and brought her up to be a worthy Mother of God. It was their teaching that led her to respond to God’s request with faith, “Let it be done to me as you will. “It was their example of parenting that Mary must have followed as she brought up her own son, Jesus. It was their faith that laid the foundation of courage and strength that allowed her to stand by the cross with her crucified son. Such parents are examples and models for all parents.

Saints Joachim and St. Anne have been a part of the Church’s liturgical calendar for many centuries. Devotion to their memory is particularly strong in the Eastern Catholic churches.

Today, on their feast day, we celebrate the gift of grandparents, who have given us the gift of life and faith. They continue to give us the gift of love.

My Dear Children, I invite you to celebrate Grandparents Day in a creative way – this is a special day for you and for them.

  • Continue to love your grandparents more intensively.
  • Pray for them everyday, for good health and happiness in life.
  • Offer in a special way today’s Qurbana for the intention of your Grandparents.
  • Make a phone call to them to remind them of your love and gratitude.
  • Make a special picture card and send your loving greetings to them.
  • Have a conversation with your parents about grandparents
  • Be always grateful to God for your grandparents.

+ Bosco Puthur

Your loving Pithav in Jesus Christ.


NB: As a token of recognition, I recommend the community to present a gift to the grandparents present.



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