Victorian Parliament Extends a Solemn Welcome to Cardinal George Alencherry

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Cardinal George Alencherry received a warm and solemn welcome at the Victorian Parliament, where the importance of diversity and the contributions of migrant communities were emphasized. Led by Hon. Matt Fregun MP, the Deputy Speaker of the Assembly, the reception showcased the parliament’s commitment to inclusivity and respect.
Notable political figures, including Hon. Lee Tarlamis OAM MP, Member for South Eastern Metropolitan Region, and Hon. Pauline Richards MP, Member for Cranbourne, joined Speaker Edwards in extending their heartfelt greetings to Cardinal Alencherry. Their presence underscored the significance of the event and the recognition of the cardinal’s visit.
Numerous Members of Parliament were present, demonstrating widespread support for the occasion. Hon. Meng Heang Tak MP, Member for Clarinda, joined his colleagues in expressing warm regards and solidarity with Cardinal Alencherry.
During the reception, Cardinal Alencherry expressed his gratitude and highlighted the reception as a testament to Victoria’s appreciation for the diverse contributions of migrant communities. The cardinal’s words resonated with the attendees, affirming Victoria’s commitment to recognizing and valuing the cultural richness brought by migrants especially people from Kerala
The event also witnessed the presence of a distinguished delegation of clergy members, including newly ordained Bishop John Panamthottathil, Fr. Francise Kolenchery, Fr. Abraham Kavilpurayidathil, Fr. Sijeesh Pullankunnel, Fr. Abraham Kazhunnadiyil, Dr. Michael Manjalloor, and Mr. Georgy A Agustin.
The warm and solemn welcome extended by the Victorian Parliament to Cardinal George Alencherry serves as a symbol of the state’s deep respect for diversity and its recognition of the invaluable contributions made by the malayalee communities. This reception affirms Victoria’s commitment to fostering an inclusive society that cherishes the cultural tapestry and diverse heritage of its people.
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